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AntiVitiligo Oil, A natural treatment for vitiligo skin disorder

Vitiligo Cure

Different people use the term »Cure« in different context, as regards Cure in vitiligo. Some use this term only for re-pigmentation of the existing spots, while others are concerned with complete eradication of illness from the body.
If you mean second i.e. complete annihilation of the vitiligo from your system, that is a tricky matter.
Vitiligo results from a derangement of your normal defense mechanisms against infection. The body starts producing antibodies against pigment producing cells of its own skin. No exact causes and remedies are known. This is a generalized abnormality of your immune system, and currently there are no acceptable permanent ways to overcome this process.
The damage to pigment producing cells manifests as patches of skin, which have reduced, or no pigment. This is what bothers you, us and every one else.
One cannot cure vitiligo or halt it, but you can manage the local manifestations (white patches) using oral or topical treatments.
If you disease is limited and not widespread, you can go for a topical treatment.

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